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BCCI To create Medical Panel and hire a range of professionals

BCCI Medical Panel

As part of its broader reform plan, the National Cricket Academy, which was often blamed for dealing with injuries to players, is to be aided by a BCCI medical council and a dedicated Department of Social Media.  

At the latest NCA conference, in which all BCCI members, including Chairman Sourav Ganguly and NCA cricket president Rahul Dravid participated, the need for a physical committee was addressed. It is after criticism of leading Indian players such as Wriddhiman Saha and, more recently, Bhuvneshwar Kumar that the NCA has been responsible for injury management. 

Hardik Pandya and Jasprit Bumrah, a luxury pacer, contributed to the NCA's troubles by preferring a professional rehabilitation rather than rehabilitation in Bengaluru. 

"The BCCI will consult a London-based clinic, Fortius, for setting up its medical panel," a top BCCI official told PTI. 

A position that is vacant for many years and will soon be filled by the head of fast bowling. He will be responsible for setting up a fast bowling system at the NCA. 

The committee will also appoint a nutritionist for the services in Bengaluru. The NCA has been in the headlines mostly for all the wrong seasons and no official communication has arisen. 

A social media manager will be present in the facility to regularly update events. The move could also be a long way towards the reputation of NCA, added the Board of Directors. 

The NCA had failed to detect the sports hernias of Bhuvneshwar and was also blamed when Bumrah and Hardik pointed out that outside help for their rehabilitation was taken instead of depending on NCA workers. 

Ganguly has already made it clear that NCA will be the main cricketing center in the region, and all India players have to go for rehabilitation to Bengaluru. In 18 months’ time, he also plans to plan the current NCA building. 

The other appointment is shortly to be handled by the Data Analytics Manager. 

In its venue and in state bodies, the NCA shall also be administering Level 2 and Level 3 coaching courses. 

"Coach growth consultants" will also be employed on an on-demand basis. 
Ultimate caution will be taken when medical updates are issued for Indian players, with information being checked from the team management and the NCA. 


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